Sticking To Your New Years Resolution

Are you all geared up to make 2021 even the least bit better than 2020?? Yeah… So are we!! So as we start in on the new year, here are a few things to remember when setting your intentions and planning out your resolutions:

  1. MAKE IT MANAGEABLE – This is not to say you can’t shoot for the stars (one day). But keeping your initial goals manageable is a very practical way to ensure you will REACH those goals and not feel defeated along the way.

2. TALK ABOUT IT – Do you have an accountability partner in place? Someone you can go to not only when goals get tough, but even through the day-to-day actions that sometimes sneak up on you and get in the way of achieving your goals.

3. THINK OF THE OUTSIDE OBSTACLES – Is your goal to run a marathon? Well, are you also considering the way you will need to adapt your diet and recovery routine? Having a goal is great! Achieving it sometimes takes more than just the steps of that goal at hand!

4. DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP – This might be the most important one around. If your goal doesn’t take off the way you envisioned. Or you get stuck in the middle. Don’t beat yourself up! Take a moment to reflect and see where you can switch up what you are doing to achieve it. Set backs are not failures, they are merely just moments to reconsider your path!

We wish you luck on your new endeavors of 2021!! And may the year ahead be WAY better than the one we just left behind!

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