Rainy Day Workouts

Waking up to a soaking wet window?? It’s bound to start happening more and more as we venture into our cooler months…

Here are a few things you can do to keep your stamina going all in the comfort of your Netflix:

  1. Ab Circuit: Focus on the lower abs, obliques, and upper abs for a full stomach workout.
  2. Yoga: Roll up your rug and roll out the mat. Simple tutorial videos can be found on YouTube for some relaxing and replenishing.
  3. CrossFit: Probably best to hit the gym for this. But hey, the rain you’ll catch walking to a from the car will be masked by sweat so it’s okay.
  4. Cardio Step Workout: It might not be the trail you are used too, but picking up one of those 80’s inspired step aerobics DVD’s is awesome in all ways!
  5. Interval Training: Work on improving speed and overall fitness with a series of low-to-high intensity exercises separated by brief periods of rest.
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