Post Massage Tips

In a world where we hardly go out anymore,, we want to help you get all you can out of your massage. These are some of our best tips to get the most bang out of your massage buck!

1. DRINK WATER. Not to sound like a broken record, but you really do need to drink more water. It’s especially important to hydrate post-massage. Similar to a workout, your muscle tissues can become dehydrated during a massage. Therefore, drinking plenty of water post-massage is very helpful in rehydration, building healthy muscle tissue, and removing metabolic wastes that accumulate as your muscles are worked out.

2. SLEEP. If the purpose of a massage is to heal and recover muscles, sleep IS the recovery part of that equation. This recovery and repair process seems to peak about 24 hours after a massage, when muscle protein synthetic rates can be up by a hefty 109% in research done by a university in Washington.  

3. STRETCH AND ROLL. The massage helps release the muscle fibers and increases the blood flow. The next step should be to stretch. Stretching — both dynamic (involving movement) and static — increases blood flow and range of motion and helps the body stay properly aligned after a massage. 

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