Holiday Hours

November 23, 2021

Thanksgiving day hours are open and there are still a few spots left to snag!! Thanksgiving Day: Lauren is open at South Congress Janice is open at Western Trails We will resume regular hours on Friday! Call to book: (512)…

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Stress, Anxiety & Massage

November 17, 2021

Why get a massage? According to a survey conducted by the American Massage Therapy Association, 28% of Americans who get a massage do so for relaxation and stress reduction. That’s a lot of people in the US who feel strongly enough about…

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Calling it Keto

November 10, 2021

The Keto diet is all the rage right now, with articles littering your news feed calling it the ‘new miracle’ fat burner on one end, or the ‘Keto flu’ on the other. Here at Austin Massage Company we know proper…

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Meet Natalie

November 3, 2021

Where did you go to school? How many years have you been a therapist? Why did you choose massage therapy as your career? I am a Lauterstein-Conway Massage School alumni, earning my license in July 2019. Since then I’ve gained…

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What’s The Difference?

October 27, 2021

At the Austin Massage Company a question we are often asked is “what is the difference between a spa and sports massage?”  So, this week’s blog is dedicated to looking at three of the biggest factors that separate a clinical…

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Rainy Day Workouts

October 20, 2021

Waking up to a soaking wet window?? It’s bound to start happening more and more as we venture into our cooler months… Here are a few things you can do to keep your stamina going all in the comfort of…

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De Stress yourself

October 13, 2021

STRESS.  Unfortunately it is a common factor in many of our lives. Wether it be from work, bills, or other means, learning to manage stress is critical to maintaining good health overall. At AMC we know if you’ve heard it…

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Lower Back Pain Stretches

October 6, 2021

Feeling the pain of sitting in your chair all day? Here are some stretches to help with lower back pain: Back flexion stretch- Lying on the back, pull both knees to the chest while simultaneously flexing the head forward until a…

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Make Your Massage Last

September 29, 2021

In a world where everyone tries to make things last longer, we want to help you get all you can out of your massage. Not that we encourage getting off your massage schedule, but why not get the most bang…

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Fun Facts About AMC

September 22, 2021

Are you new to AMC? Or maybe you are one of our oldest faces, but want to put your knowledge to the test. Spend the next 15 (or 45) minutes learning some cool facts about Austin Massage Company: Did you…

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