Our New Massage Protocol

As we welcome clients back into our clinics we at Austin Massage Company are both thrilled to see your awesome faces and more than ever determined to keep this a safe and comfortable space for you to visit.

In order to comply with new CDC and TDLR mandated rules/guidelines we have taken time to make adjustments however not affect the quality of service or your experience at AMC. Here is what you will see at your next appointment:

Upon arrival you may come directly into the waiting room ( no need to call or text ) as our treatment area is separated from the common area with a closed/locked door. With respect to social distancing measures we are closely monitoring the schedule to assure appointments are staggered to only have one therapist and one client in any common space at any given time.

If you need a mask please ask your therapist when they greet you in the waiting room. We require that clients wear a mask though they do not have to be worn when face down on the massage table( see protocol below). You will notice all cloth chairs have been removed from the waiting area as well as other soft surfaces throughout the clinic for more thorough and effective cleaning purposes.

We suggest clients bring in their own water, however if you do need water please ask your therapist at the beginning of your session. We are happy to provide you with a disposable cup that can be left in the room for before and after your treatment.

We have sanitizer in touchless dispensers in the lobby and in each treatment room for your convenience. Therapist will be wearing a clean apron during your appointment and change apron between each client. We also have gloves available upon request if you prefer your therapist to wear them while performing your massage – please ask upon arrival.

All treatment rooms are equipped with an air purifier to help clean the air in addition to thoroughly disinfecting all surfaces between each session. Our cleaner of choice does not contain harsh chemicals and is an EPA hospital grade product. It is a hydrogen peroxide based cleaner that meets Osha standards and does not carry a scent for those who have a sensitivity to chemical and lingering chemical odors.

Each massage table now has a vinyl barrier and linens are being kept separately in a sealed closet space. Used linens are stripped immediately off the table placed in a touchless sealed container outside of the treatment rooms. We have also created a one-time-use face cover for the cradle so clients can remove their masks if they prefer when laying face down but still have cloth protection. As seen in the image above, you will have room to breathe comfortably and a blocker for air transmission.

Along with the disinfecting protocols we had in place, we are now taking extra precautions to keep every inch of the clinics clean throughout the day. We have removed all extra items and offerings from the rooms, though most are still available upon request. Ask your therapist if you would like any essential oils, heating gels, CBD lotions used during your massage or would like to purchase any retail at the end of your visit.

Checkout will now take place in the room on tablets in our new low touch format. It is best to store your preferred credit card on file for a faster and seamless checkout process.

Our schedule is a bit abbreviated at this time, so if you don’t see the therapist you usually work with let us know and we can match you up with someone to best fit your request and needs. We appreciate your continued support and trust. We know there are lots of options when it comes to bodywork and love that you allow Austin Massage Company to be on your wellness team.

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