Mix Up Your Workout

Feeling in a workout slump? This past year has been tough to keep moral and enthusiasm up… we all know that much! So as you sit and contemplate heading out for your usual workout, maybe it is time to switch up your routine! Just one day of something different can help kick start a new excitement for your routine. 

Here are a few fun ideas to throw into your workout mix: 

  1. ROCK CLIMBING – You don’t have to live on a mountain to rock climb. There are local gyms in most cities and quite a few have safely opened back up! Or, if you aren’t feeling the inside vibes, you can legit climb a rock! Of course, if you doing so, we suggest taking all precautionary measures, and even more so connecting with a guide. But climbing is a great workout and something out of the box for most. 
  2. RIDE A BIKE – Now now, we know this is NOT a different way of working out for a lot of our athletes. But for some, getting on a bike and hitting the trails is not something you do. And let us tell you, riding in the wind is AWESOME! 
  3. FRISBEE – Frisbee is a great outdoor sport that still has some sweet health benefits. There are a ton of outdoor courses all around the U.S. and even more so, you can easily grab a group of friends and make an afternoon out of it! 

We hope you have a great workout and when you are feeling down – remember the AMC team is here to cheer you on!!

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