How to Work Out in The Heat

First Things first. Drink tons of water and be mindful of how hot it actually is outside. Use a tiny bit of common sense and you will rock your outdoor workout in the sun. 

To follow that up and it should really go without saying, HYDRATION is the first step to a successful workout in the sun. Water is the number one nutrient that your body needs. I will say that again. Your body NEEDS water to function on a daily basis, now add working out in the heat and you will absolutely need more. So I will say it again louder for the people in the back…. HYDRATE!

The next step is to make sure you are regulating your body temperature. It is important to make sure you remember your two key cool points, which are the back of your neck and your wrists. It is a good practice to always keep a cool towel handy so that you can apply it to any of these points for an instant cool down. There are also cool towels that you can wet and then freeze that will help for especially hot days. (Comment below if you want to know what I prefer to use!)

Another good practice to use is to always keep up with your other vitamins. Having a banana after a workout in the sun is always a good idea to get your potassium levels up and it is a good source of calories. (going on a limb here…calories in moderation are not the enemy.) I always am sure to make sure I take all of my vitamins regularly when I am working out in the sun consecutively. 

Also, another tidbit please wear sunscreen. The sun is no joke and sunburns suck. 

Happy outdoor adventures Austin Massage Company people!

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