Cold Weather Workout Tips

Hello Austin! Hope you had an AWESOME snow day!! We are sitting here asking ourselves, what is 2021? And not being mad about it : )

So, as you break the dawn this morning, and get back into your regularly scheduled routine – here are some tips on working out in the colder weather (something we are NOT used to here in the great state of Texas).

  1. Prep Your Feet – Run in shoes with minimal mesh. This will help keep them dry if you hit patches of melting snow and ice. It will also allow for less ventilation, which is normally warranted for runners, but in this case not as much.
  2. War Up Pre Run – You don’t have to break a sweat to warm up, but give yourself some time to move around and get your blood pumping before you hit the chilly outdoors.
  3. Change Quickly – After your outdoor workout, change as quickly as possible. Even if you didn’t run into rain or other inclement weather, there is a chance you were sweating which will cause a lingering case of chills.

Hope this helps, and happy workout!

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