Beat The Heat

Warm days are coming (sooner than we are ready for) and that means taking some time to alter your work outs. Though we are always here to cheer you on in all your endeavors, we do promote being safe and keeping onto of your own health. Which in Texas usually means being mindful of the scorching sun…

So, here are some alternatives to your regularly scheduled workout that will keep you cool (mostly because they are in doors) but still leave you sweating it out:

1. Cycling – Take your bike inside. We know, we know!! For most cyclist this is a NO GO! But, if you are looking for something new to try and don’t usually ride a bike, do a cycling class can be a great alternative.

2. Dance – Are you a dancer? Or just want to get your grove on? Ballet Austin, along with tons of there places in town, offer dance classes for all levels of dancers.

3. Rock Climbing – Yes we do have rock gyms in Austin! And YES they are legit!!

4. Swimming – Swimming is a great alternative to running and one that will clearly keep you cool, even when done outside. Don’t think you will sweat in the water?? Just try it for yourself and see!

5. Kick Boxing – Not only is it an awesome time, but a great way to let out any of that pent up anxiety we all have going around (you know from things like a pandemic and such…)

Happy workout, friends!

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