AMC Fun Facts

It’s HUMP DAY… which means you might be in a bit of a slump. Here are a few fun facts to break up your morning. Spend the next 15 (or 45) minutes learning some cool facts about Austin Massage Company:

  1. Did you know… We have therapist educated in prenatal massage.
  2. Did you know… There are over 650 muscle groups in your body.
  3. Did you know… AMC therapist come to us from all over the USA to give you the best in body work.
  4. Did you know… You have probably seen us at most of the music festivals in Texas, and beyond!
  5. Did you know… Michelle holds 5 “Best Of” titles from Austin Fit Magazine.
  6. And can you guess… how long our fearless leader has been doing massage?? Tell us your guess in the comment section below!

So, now you know!! Happy Hump Day, everyone!

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