Know Your Therapist – Andrea

1. How do you describe your approach to massage? I approach every massage with an open mind because even though there is a commonality to how our bodies hold tension and pain, every situation and every perspective is different.  After 15 years of practicing I still learn something new nearly every day.   2. What [...]

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Matters Of The Sun

Summertime is finally here, as we were all reminded this past week with temperatures cracking 100 degrees in Austin! And with the return of summer, AMC is here to remind you to PUT ON SUNSCREEN. Like you have heard before, it is so important to your health, and easy to forget about. Here are a [...]

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De Stress Yourself!

STRESS.  Unfortunately it is a common factor in many of our lives. Wether it be from work, bills, or other means, learning to manage stress is critical to maintaining good health overall. At AMC we know if you’ve heard it once, you’ve probably heard it a hundred times - ‘You need to destress!’. But how [...]

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Athlete Spotlight – Carrie Eckermann

  Our girl Carrie finished her FIRST EVER tri this weekend! We are stoked for her and proud to call her one of our own. Carrie came to us a few years ago with a background in massage therapy and an awesome attitude ((she literally got here the day ACL started and said yes to [...]

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New Therapist DEAL Coming To An End

  Get To Know Marie: Marie practices a combination of deep tissue, myofascial, therapeutic, and corrective massage. After residing in close to a dozen states over the course of her lifetime, she was able to cultivate a curiosity and compassion for all types of people, allowing her acceptance, empathy and connection to guide her work.   [...]

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Calling it Keto

The Keto diet is all the rage right now, with articles littering your news feed calling it the 'new miracle’ fat burner on one end, or the 'Keto flu’ on the other. Here at Austin Massage Company we know proper education is key to wellness, so, let's cut through the hype and get to the [...]

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Boston Knowledge

With the Boston Marathon coming up here are five fun facts about the race from ESPN! The Boston Marathon is iconic for a reason—it's both the oldest (dating back to 1897) and the fastest (median time of 3:44) marathon in the country. Women were officially excluded from the race until 1972. Kathrine Switzer, the first [...]

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What Is Ashiatsu?!

Ya know you have seen the name, but ya still have no clue what Ashi Massage is... Let us tell you: Ashiatsu massage therapists keep on their toes. At Austin Massage Company we mean that literally. In Japanese ashiatsu broken down means ashi = “foot” and astu = “pressure”, this name fits the message description [...]

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It's that time of year again - no, not allergies or SXSW, we are talking about the Driveway Series baby! This weekly cycling crit out at the Driveway Race Track has become something of an Austin staple every Thursday night from March until October. Andrew Willis, the founder and director, has been putting on the [...]

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What’s The Difference??

  At the Austin Massage Company a question we are often asked is “what is the difference between a spa and sports massage?”  So, this week’s blog is dedicated to looking at three of the biggest factors that separate a clinical sports massage from a trip to the local spa.   A clinical sports massage [...]

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