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Know Your Therapist – Kathy

1. How do you describe your approach to massage? When I approach massage with someone, I attempt to understand their whole body and lifestyle- how they use and take care of it. First steps in taking care of muscles is diet, exercise, rest, stretching, posture and listening to the body. While treating overly tight muscles, [...]

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Let’s Get In The Mix

    It's Thursday and we are feeling that some of you might need a little pick-me-up. So, in true 80's style we are kicking it back and rocking out this morning. Here are 5 jams to get you though the morning traffic...   1. Physical. Olivia Newton-John. 2. Eye of the Tiger. Survivor. 3.  Another [...]

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A Talk With Andrew Willis

  When it comes to awesome we think of Andrew Willis. Not only does he host our favorite crit racing series, The Driveway, but he is a beast all his own on the bike! He just completed ((AND WON)) the NCOM (No Country for Old Men) 1000. A 1000 mile race starting and finishing in Alpine, [...]

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Know your Therapist – Barbara

  1. How do you describe your approach to massage? I would describe my approach to massage as holistic with an intuitive and medical touch.   2. What led to you practicing massage? I decided to practice massage as a way of healing that I felt was lacking in standard western medicine. I like to [...]

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Staying Texas Strong

  Hurricane Harvey hit Texas hard, but we are fighting back just the same! Here are a few ways Austin Massage Company has been, and will continue helping kick this storm in the butt:   Our first effort in helping aid Harvey victims was to donate as much as we could! We were stoked to [...]

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Now Hiring

  Austin Massage Company is looking to add a few more awesome therapists to our family and would love to have our very best critics (clients) help!   Here are the things we are looking for in a therapist: -is active & lives a healthy lifestyle -has previous experience working with athletic injuries & sports [...]

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Know Your Therapist: Andres

  How do you describe your approach to massage? I like to approach the body as a whole unit. Even when working on specific issues; it’s necessary to consider all the relationships happening within the body and those in the outside world. To do so, it’s very important for me to listen. Each client will present [...]

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Guess What’s Back…

  You saw that right!! If you haven't seen this graphic before, sit back and prepare yourself for excitement. If you have, then you know what's coming.   AMC is rocking the Celsius Sale this August!! Keep alert for times in August when we will be marking the weather and giving you a discount [...]

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June Giveaway

  There's still time to enter this month's giveaway!! We are doing a combo pack by giving you a chance to win a little something from both Kebabalicious and Hops and Grain. You know the drill... For every appointment you complete this month we will add your name to the drawing. For every appointment you [...]

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The Best Father’s Day Gift

  Did ya know that this weekend is Father's Day? Are you sweating bullets thinking about what to get? JOIN the club... You've gotten him a watch, a wallet, a shirt he doesn't wear. Sometimes you just got to give up and give in. Get dad the thing he won't only like but actually may [...]

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