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New Year, Well You

  The new year is upon us... Which is kind of crazy because it feels like 2015 JUST started! Though, with a new year comes a new set of rituals. The gym will be a little more full, Whole Foods will be a little harder to maneuver, and your wellness regime should be a little [...]

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Give The Gift of Austin Marathon

We are back for round two when it comes to post massage at The Austin Marathon! Last year was a blast, and full of runners rushing for massage. So this year to get a head start, and skip the line, you can pre-purchase your spot:

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Therapist Interview With Rita Fish

1. How do you describe your approach to massage? I would describe my approach to massage as integrative. I help clients overcome pain and stress through massage therapy but also understand it takes a client dedicated to improving themselves to make a real change. Massage therapy is an amazing tool when used with home exercises, [...]

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Therapist Interview With Carrie Eckermann

1. How do you describe your approach to massage? One word; Holistic.  I believe Massage/Bodywork is a positive part of health care that, more often than not, can improve anyone's current status. 2. What led to you practicing massage? I was curious about it after High School.  I'm so glad I acted on my intuition, because I [...]

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