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Austin Massage Company: Austin’s Best Massage Therapist

Austin Massage Company has been voted as Best Austin Massage Therapist by Austin Fit Magazine, since 2011.

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Austin Massage Company

Our Approach to Massage Therapy

We focus on targeting specific areas of the body to address and treat whatever long-term, or immediate pain or problem you are experiencing.

Our licensed massage therapists in Austin are teaching people about how a scientific approach to clinical massage therapy can deliver amazing health benefits.

Schedule Your Massage
Schedule Your Massage
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Personal approach to massage therapy

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Meet Our Team

Carrie Eckermann
Carrie EckermannLicensed Massage Therapist, Austin
James Uhl
James UhlLicensed Massage Therapist, Austin
Brittany Slocombe
Brittany SlocombeLicensed Massage Therapist, Austin
Michelle Hittner
Michelle HittnerLicensed Massage Therapist, Austin
Andres Calderon
Andres CalderonLicensed Massage Therapist, Austin
Billie Barkwell
Billie BarkwellLicensed Massage Therapist, Austin
Kathy Lund
Kathy LundLicensed Massage Therapist, Austin
Melanie Denton
Melanie DentonLicensed Massage Therapist, Austin
Erica Hnilo
Erica HniloLicensed Massage Therapist, Austin